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Development of biological medicine

2016 China's bio pharmaceutical industry is still maintained at a stable growth rate of about 15%, the growth of bio pharmaceutical companies revenue growth significantly, but the profit growth slowed significantly, competition tends to new technologies and new areas. Experts said that the domestic bio pharmaceutical companies, with innovative capabilities, expanding financing channels is essential.

With the gradual rise of bio pharmaceutical product outsourcing, biomedical market began to thrive. But biomedicine is a typical "high investment, high risk, high output, long cycle" industry, which created the development of bio pharmaceutical enterprises is not balanced. Because of the huge cost and long period of the development of biotechnology products, the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises with poor financing channels are facing difficulties.

It is understood that in the U.S. capital markets, China's bio pharmaceutical companies in addition to the IPO form of the listing, but also appeared in reverse mergers, joint ventures, outsourcing and other forms of financing. "The lack of funds for small and medium enterprises in biological medicine, it is possible in the product failed to achieve profitability, has been eliminated by the market.".

China's original research and capital market is far behind the capital market, which led to China's bio pharmaceutical industry into a low level of duplication and vicious competition situation.

For Chinese bio pharmaceutical enterprises, "innovation" is the soul of the development of enterprises. Experts point out that, to encourage independent innovation, focuses on the implementation of the industrialization of China's independent intellectual property products, improving the ability of independent innovation in industry; focused on solving the major problems affecting the development of the industry, accelerating the development of China's domain with technology and advantages, forming industry breakthrough.

In addition, the establishment of a good high-tech investment market, biological risk investment funds and independent evaluation institutions are the most important capital base of bio pharmaceutical industry. With the enterprise as the leading capital flows, it is the fundamental way out for the development of China's bio pharmaceutical industry. To develop original science and technology as the core competitiveness of enterprises of biological medicine research and development enterprises, but also need to have a strategic vision of the investors and the government's support, this is the development of China's bio pharmaceutical industry, the most urgent problem.

Chinese bio pharmaceutical investment should be formed to enterprises as the main body of the structure, the flow of funds to enterprises as the goal, attract a background of professional knowledge managers gathered a large number of different expertise of scientists, to the development of lateral diffusion in a patent technology based on. Industrialization is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of many scientists, and the company's leader is the need to have the knowledge capital of the management personnel. Country has clearly put forward the enterprise as the main body of the development of innovative technology ideas, so that capital flows in the right direction, but need time to change. And private capital is still stuck in the original concept, still to the University of scientists as the center, trying to attract more funds to them as a sign.

Although the bio pharmaceutical industry has not yet profitable, but the capital is still looking for opportunities to continue to look for opportunities. For many venture capital funds, bio medicine has become a hot investment in the field, only those with innovative ability of the enterprise will be concerned about.

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