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In July 424 stock agencies thoroughly bio medicine industry absolute leader

JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) the pharmaceutical industry once again become the weak haven. According to Chaoyang sustainability statistics, in July the agency focused on the listed companies in the research, chemical and other five industries continued to be concerned about, among them, the pharmaceutical industry to absolute income 2.92% outperform.

Since July listed companies reported in succession, the enthusiasm of institutional research is also an unprecedented upsurge. Statistics show that in July the market as the core strength of institutional investors, a total of 424 listed companies conducted a survey of 736 times. And June data show that institutional research 459 stocks, 797 research, basically flat.

First of all, from the industry point of view, the company mainly concentrated in the chemical industry, machinery and equipment, medicine, biology, computers, electronics and other five major industries.

Secondly, from the point of view of the July survey frequency, gold wind technology (002202. It shares), Shanghai Electric shares (2463, stock it), Yunnan Baiyao (000538, stock it), Yili (600887, stock it), Yantai moon (000811, stock it), Suning Yun business (002024 shares it,) and is research times higher.

Overall, the number of institutional research in July was flat, showing that after the June research, institutional investors investment research enthusiasm is not reduced. A lot of excellent performance, excellent growth stocks or opportunity to bargain layout.

Due to the impact of financial regulation to leverage the news, A shares in the end of July is now a substantial callback trend, in the industry in the top of the survey, only the pharmaceutical industry has made a positive excess returns.

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