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Revitalizing the national industry of our country to realize the sustainable development of bio pharmaceutical enterprises

From the field of medical biotechnology, in recent years, China's patent applications in the field of technology has achieved a leap. According to statistics, as of the end of 2010 and submitted in Chinese compounds (including preparation process) about 2.18 million drug invention patent application about 2.89 million pieces, bio pharmaceutical patent applications, traditional Chinese medicine patent application about 519 million, with an average annual growth rate of about 3% to 5%, was significantly higher than that of other technical field, the average growth rate. This shows that as well as the field of research and development strength enhancement in with the biomedical field, the policy of independent innovation of China's government role and social capital injection, on the other hand also shows that patent filings in bio pharmaceutical field to realize the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in the proposed per million population invention patent has 3.3 this goal has a pivotal role.

Throughout the world, the bio pharmaceutical industry is one of the best technologies in the field of intellectual property system. Foreign large-scale pharmaceutical and biotech companies formed the dominant force in the field of technological innovation, such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, the world famous pharmaceutical enterprises every year according to the strategic planning at home and abroad deployed a large number of patents to occupy market share and from patent medicine obtained huge market income. China's pharmaceutical enterprises investment in research and development strength is still very weak, far from being the main body of China's biopharmaceutical innovation, has not become experts in the use of intellectual property rights. The pharmaceutical and biotech industry patent application to with the industry, the enterprise market positioning, combining intellectual property strategy and enterprise's own R & D capabilities, etc., to apply for a patent to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, to enhance the strength of enterprises to enhance the quantity and quality of patent applications.

In under the State Council issued the on accelerating the fostering and development of strategic emerging industries of the decision "has made it clear to from the fiscal and financial aspects introduced package of policies, accelerate the cultivation and development, including Bio technology, strategic emerging industries, to 2015, the strategic emerging industry increase value accounted for the proportion of GDP will reach about 8%. The status and function of intellectual property is very important in this grand strategic project in the field of medicine and biology, which can be said to play a key role in the field of medicine and biology.

Therefore, China's pharmaceutical and biotech industry to fully grasp and using the current intellectual property system, do a good job in the industry and enterprise patent strategy layout, the industry and enterprise's fate and demand and national destiny and demand combined together, seize the country to vigorously develop the excellent situation in medicine and biotechnology, the intellectual property creation, utilization, protection and management into the enterprise market management, incorporating biological medicine research and development of the whole process, not only in the number of patents achieved satisfactory results, to produce corresponding performance in quality and efficiency. At the same time, China should pay close attention to the development and improve the new amendments to the Patent Law on genetic resource specific management requirements, in the research and development of natural medicine and ethnic medicine, strengthen the protection of traditional medicine knowledge and resources, and achieve sustainable development of national medical and pharmaceutical enterprises to revitalize.

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