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Electricity suppliers to bring opportunities for innovation and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry to upgrade a breakthrough

Boston consulting company (BCG) today released the latest report, the pharmaceutical business is in the ascendant, the future development of the six major trends. This is the BCG following the September 2015 release of the "China digital medical market reform" report, the theme of the pharmaceutical business for another in-depth study and discussion.

One of the authors of the report, BCG's senior partner and director general manager Huang Peijie (John Wong) said: "China Pharmaceutical business future great opportunities for development, help to resolve many pain points and challenges in all aspects of the medical field. Despite the market environment and consumer behavior difference at this stage, but the pharmaceutical business is the trend of the times, it will eventually for patients to bring more convenient purchase channels and high-quality service experience. "

Reported that the pharmaceutical electricity suppliers will bring transformation opportunities for China's pharmaceutical industry, the future development of the opportunity to model innovation and service upgrades, and proposed six major trends in the future development of pharmaceutical electricity suppliers.

Trend: pharmaceutical business development of medical industry is a major positive, there is a huge role in promoting, especially to help improve the long-term existence of the development of China's medical pain points, including medical efficiency is low, the patient experience is poor, the high medical expenses. Pharmaceutical electricity suppliers will also promote the role of all kinds of enterprises in the industry chain will be converted, including pharmaceutical companies, distributors, retailers, etc..

Two trends: prescription and non prescription drugs will form a completely different business model, the enterprises in the future to winning the pharmaceutical business needs differentiated competitive factors.

Three trends: consumer oriented non prescription drugs and health care products business of traditional offline retail had a greater disruption, and the future prescription drug business need more close cooperation of Internet companies and traditional pharmaceutical industry stakeholders.

Trend four: the future of pharmaceutical business concentration higher, pharmaceutical business leader will be able to really run through all aspects of the value chain and to create a closed-loop online and offline business.

Trend five: the development of pharmaceutical electricity suppliers will be a full range of services to patients as the core, greatly promote the mode of medical services to upgrade. Drug sweep code inspection really, professional services to pharmaceutical and health insurance card become the service content of the pharmaceutical business consumers most concerned about in the future.

Trend six: Pharmaceutical electricity suppliers can help enhance the transparency and efficiency of the industry, its rise to help improve the transparency of the pharmaceutical industry, enhance the link efficiency, while ensuring traceability of information. These changes will help to better policy regulation.

In addition, the report found that patients on the drug quality is particularly valued, followed by the professional guidance. And in what they were looking for pharmaceutical business future service content, drug test and professional pharmaceutical services have been nearly 60% of the attention. In addition, businesses also consciousness to the pharmaceutical business in the future price competition is must face the challenges, and how to provide differentiated services to upgrade will be the key to success in the competition.

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