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Jiangsu Province biological medicine management talent park to even date

Networking (Lianyungang daily all media reporter Zhou Ying correspondent Liu Muxue Zhang Suya xueyang) recently, "Jiangsu Province biomedical shuangchuang talent Park - Lianyungang station" exchange activities held in the Development Zone, aims to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent in Jiangsu Province and Lianyungang and City Development Zone, accelerate the bio Pharmaceutical Projects with the park leading full docking industry, focusing on the pharmaceutical companies.

Organized by the city personnel office, City Development Zone Party Working Committee, the CMC, Jiangsu Tianhui excellent red Investment Management Co., Ltd., the province innovation and entrepreneurial talent to promote bio pharmaceutical Committee co sponsored. The exchange activities attracted a total of 33 from throughout the province biomedical shuangchuang talent agglomeration development zone, they visited the Kang pharmaceutical fate, Hengrui medicine, Haosen pharmaceutical key pharmaceutical enterprises, in-depth understanding of the park personnel carrier and innovative medical achievements and talent development environment.

Exchange meeting, Taizhou overseas pharmaceutical development Co., Ltd. chairman, provincial shuangchuang biological medicine director of special committee of Wen Xiaoguang etc. 10 members of the pharmaceutical industry leading talent to Tianhui red and medicine and health fund, CICC and other investment institutions roadshow project, and by professional judges scores and comments, rating than the first two, second prize four, the third prize of six.

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